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I hope the summer has been beautiful.

I have to say, that I took some time this morning to settle in from being away for the last 7 weeks with my girls.


I was looking at this incredible year and thought to myself, this has been my best year yet.


Now, that’s quite a bold statement, and you might be asking, what did I do that I can claim such a big statement.


I think this year I continued to support my health, I removed barriers to things, I gave myself the opportunity to be almost 2 months at a holiday destination with my kids and work from cafes.


I got additional support and help with a babysitter. I really expanded this concept of I CAN CREATE MY LIFE moment to moment, according to my desires.


My relationship with my husband has moved into true partnership where we are both thriving as a couple and as individuals and I keep looking at my girls in utter gratitude that these are my beautiful kids.


4 times to New York and back, off to Paris next week and 2 more international travels by the end of the year.


I am a published Author, a #1 Amazon best-seller release in USA, Canada, Japan and top seller in UK, Germany…


Guest speaker for a conference in Florida in October, before heading off to Mexico for a mastermind retreat.


And here’s the thing, I did not do this on my own!


I invested in group mentorship programs, I have a coach and sometimes two! I have done whatever it takes to get me FEELING GOOD.


I have learned to get the help to fast track my progress. When I get stuck, I get support, I do the work to get clear again, to feel aligned and carry on.


I am committed to my growth as a coach so that I can serve you better to have the life you desire and to ensure that I walk my talk.


So if I think a few years ago I went from burn out, overwhelmed raising twins in a crisis, spending many hours a day working for someone else, feeling disconnected from my husband and community and super struggling with my PMDD which had me unable to leave the house for at least 10 days of the month - wherever you are IT IS SO POSSIBLE to get out of any funk!


















I am now opening up my 90 day THRIVE program to an elite 6 women.


This is a 6 women group program, where we come together every week for 2 hours, for the next 90 days and get your life thriving! Here’s how you will know if this program is for you.



If you are wanting to get your health to the next level, if you want to banish PMS and/or just take your energy to a whole new level.



You are wanting to start receiving more in relationships. If you feel you are always giving more than you are receiving and you want to shift this.

If you are in a romantic relationship and you are wanting your relationship to start thriving again.

If you want to improve the relationship with your kids.

If you are wanting to have friends that really support you and your vision.



You want to create more with accountability and feedback.

You want to plan out all your desires for your business.

You want to be tracking your income.

You want to grow your income.

You want to have a ‘business partner’ to bounce things off to spur you into action.


Ease and Grace

You want to be more gracious and more receiving.

You want to step out of struggle survival mode into receiving mode.

You want to let go of any slave girl mentality


You want to step into that best version of yourself and give yourself permission to THRIVE.


This program is only for 6 women that are ready and are craving big change in their lives.


If you are wondering if this is for you, lets get on a call, book a time slot in my calendar!


Luscious love,




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