Luscious 2022 Creation Session


With this three hour strategy session we will:


 Look at your business & redefine your current strategy by looking at what

you are desiring next to achieve.


Gain clarity so you have clear direction

What are you launching next

Get grounded on the numbers of your business so you know what your new goals are

How are you meant to be serving in the next new normal

What do you need to be doing digitally to support your new goals

Email marketing and social media strategy




Let’s create a magical year for you filled with every juicy desire!



Now, most of you know, trying to do this work on your own is tedious and we procrastinate putting a plan together cause it requires ‘creative juices’ and

 brainstorming lets face it is just easier outside of your head, on paper than

the endless ideas swirling around in there.


This session is dedicated to you and your life and you deserve to have your

full attention on YOU!



Luscious 2022 Creation

3 Hour Strategy Session



  700 Euro

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