Congratulations for booking your Luscious 2018 creation session.


I am so excited to support you in visioning out your year!

We will begin with a review of your 2017 and you will be receiving via email a review document to go through prior to our session.

This is a three hour online coaching session.


The way we prepare for this is to ensure that you have done something

beautiful for yourself before.

Long bubble bath, some exercise a great meal, or any self care you want.

Light a candle and come with your tea/coffee and a snack so we can dive in.


Please clear out your calendar and ensure that all distractions are turned off.

3 hours we will focus on YOU and what Turns You on!
























Just know, any way you arrive for the session is absolutely perfect.


Can’t wait to create with you!


Luscious regards.





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