about Kanelli

I have always loved a full expressive life, full of colour, music, creativity, beautiful spaces, doses of nature, healthy food and high vibe people.

I believe this is the way to do business as well. When I was 20 years old I graduated top of my class in advertising, branding.

I wrapped up 15 gifts and sent them around town to agencies to hire me. Inside they had a tot glass and a multi vitamin.

I seduced my way with creativity into my first job, selling myself as a ‘multi-vitamin’, someone who would

energise and boost your clients  and income. Thats exactly what I did for the next 20 years across the world for giants

like Warner Bros., Disney, Nickelodeon, United Media, Shell etc. People and goals energise me. I love being turned on

by whats possible and creativity is key to getting you your desired result.


After having kids, I got wiped out with a hormonal disorder (PMDD) which had me learn how to produce results in a new way.

I learned how produce results that honoured me as much as my clients, family, kids.


I learned everything there was to learn around women empowerment, functional medicine, how to stay sane as a women in a mans world

and how could I get the results without killing myself in the process whilst on someone elses agenda and budget.

So I trained with the worlds leaders in transformation, women empowerment, functional medicine, divine femininity

and so much more and decided to set up my own coaching business to assist high achieving women to have a more luscious life,

honouring their femininity and genius.


I took my health from unable to function 10 days each month to thriving.

I took my marriage from routined obligation to true partnership.

My relationship with my kids started thriving.

I travelled more, I loved more and was living in a more luscious way.


Luscious Life is dedicated to women, to turning women on to living a luscious life outside of struggle, obligation and overwhelm.

If you are wanting a highly creative intuitive coach who has operated at top international multi national level to support you in living

with more ease and grace, I am your lady!

You see everyone has a high dose of specialness, unique gifts and beauty, you have to know this first and value it and then dish it out to the world in a way that serves you and takes you and everyone in your life higher.


When I am not working, I am with my kids playing, beaching.

I love cooking, yoga, traveling, personal development, open water swimming and mountain walks.




Lets talk, would love to see what's possible for you, your business and your life!


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