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1:1 Private Coaching



This is a 90 day program which includes:

2 hour intro session Skype

10 x 50 min Skype session




3,500 Euro

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Luxury VIP Destinations



This is an excelerated session when you want to get  your vision out, put your business plan idea to gather, plan your 2018, so that you know what you are doing and you have a business partner to plan it all out, bounce off, put it all together!

This is a powerful session in a luscious environment so that you are supported to vision at your highest capacity.




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3,000 Euro

Luscious Branding | Consulting



Have a love for good Design, Branding & Packaging!

Would love to take a look at making your brand more luscious.



2,300 Euro

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You know you are ready for a destination intensive to immerse yourself in creativity visioning your new you and business if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:


-overwhelm/high stress

- stagnation/depression

- not knowing what to do next

- procrastination

- lack of inspiration

- fear to take action


These immersion luxury sessions are to designed to get your juices flowing, get you excited and in love with your life again!

You have a moment to redesign your life and business.


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Florida is 6,7 October.


Kos is also 23,24 October.


New York dates I will send you later.

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