Luscious 2020 Creation Session



The end of the year is here and before all the craziness begins,  I am so excited to present you this Luscious 2018 creation coaching session. This is such a great time of the year to consciously go through and review your amazing 2019, what worked, what you learned, what you experienced and have a session creating what you desire to experience in 2020.



We always work holistically, so in work, life, health, play, relationships we add it all in!


We look at the twelve months of 2020 and start to plan out what you want to experience,

how you want to be feeling, where you need to up level.




Which part of life went by the wayside?


What do you want more of in 2020?


What are the numbers you want to come in monthly?


Anything you want starts with a vision and a plan!


What I have seen working with a zillion companies and individuals is making it up along the way has a really limited result.


And I am all for improv, but if you want to have peace of mind, less waisted time and procrastination a plan is where its at.

If you want to reach your goals, you need to put your vision down, that includes numbers and the details of what you need to be doing weekly to get there.

Plus who you need to be in the process.


You will enter into 2018 with a plan, you will know what you are going for, no more two steps forward, scrap delete, 1 step back - repeat.


These sessions are so powerful, often what you think should happen or want is actually not where you need to be at all.

Its not about making yet another wish list or manifestation list that does not pan out.


This is grounded in reality stuff so you don’t go sabotaging yourself with a wish list.


If you are ready to design your year around your desires.

We will include it all, travel, fun, sisterhood, work, money, lifestyle.





Let’s create a magical year for you filled with every juicy desire!








Now, most of you know, trying to do this work on your own is tedious and we procrastinate putting a plan together cause it requires ‘creative juices’ and

 brainstorming lets face it is just easier outside of your head, on paper than

the endless ideas swirling around in there.


This session is dedicated to you and your life and you deserve to have your

full attention on YOU!



Luscious 2020 Creation

3 Hour Online Session



  700 Euro

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