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I have always loved a full expressive life, full of colour, music, creativity, beautiful spaces, doses of nature, healthy food and high vibe people.

I believe this is the way to do business as well. When I was 20 years old I graduated top of my class in advertising, branding.

I wrapped up 15 gifts and sent them around town to agencies to hire me. Inside they had a tot glass and a multi vitamin.

I seduced my way with creativity into my first job, selling myself as a ‘multi-vitamin’, someone who would energise and boost your clients  and income.

Thats exactly what I did for the next 20 years across the world for giants like Warner Bros., Disney, Nickelodeon, United Media,Shell etc.

People and goals energise me. I love being turned on by whats possible and creativity is key to getting you your desired result.


Luscious Life is dedicated to women, to turning women on to living a luscious life outside of struggle, obligation and overwhelm.

If you are wanting a highly creative intuitive coach who has operated at top international multi national level to support you in living with more ease and grace, I am your lady!

You see everyone has a high dose of specialness, unique gifts and beauty, you have to know this first and value it and then dish it out to the world in a way that serves you and takes you and everyone in your life higher.


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